Vice Principal's Message

Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC) attracts the most innovative minds from all over Nepal and hones them into socially responsible and technologically able professionals. We maintain a curriculum that accentuates the problem solving skills, communication skills and interdisciplinary teamwork of students. At KEC, the curriculum provided by the university is well augmented by periodic motivational, social and entrepreneurial development activities. The college is committed to inspire its students to develop fundamental values of optimism, mutual respect, knowledge-sharing, innovation and time management to ensure both academic and individual growth. KEC also believes in continuously upgrading the intellectual environment of the campus by conducting faculty development programs and encouraging research amongst faculty and students. With its distinguished reputation in producing qualified professionals, KEC has continuously proven itself to be a generator of technical, intellectual and ethical human resource, capable for the national, regional and global career fronts.

Shailita Manandhar Joshi
MUD, The University of Hong Kong
B. Arch, Tribhuvan University
Vice Principal
Kathmandu Engineering College