Mechanical Department

Kathmandu Engineering College, Department of Mechanical Engineering would like to wholeheartedly welcome all the visitors. Engineering education has been increasingly challenging prospect. The challenge of being a good engineer toinnovate and contribute for the society is an uphill task. It’s very important to realize that the credentialachieved at the end of the education duration, arguably suffice the prospect. It’s more about the process involved during the duration that betters a good student to a competent engineer.

Kathmandu Engineering College, understanding the necessity, cultivates a unique and inspirational model that focuses on building proper educational background along with realization of supplementary practical works that includes recent technologies and development.

Our department comprehends the need of learning in educational progress of students.We help student learn as well as grow to be the best version of them.  The motivated faculty members further help in the growth by assisting theinquisitive minds, directing them on progressive career paths.All the faculty members are constantly using innovative methods of teaching and constantly updating their knowledge on emerging trends. The faculty’s constant endeavor is to provide strong background to our students in the related areas of engineering so that they are capable of adopting new technical skills and developing various projects.

We build the basic of engineering education for all faculties of KEC by offering courses as Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Engineering Drawing I and II, Workshop Technology, Power Plant Equipment, Energy Environment and Society, Building Services III. Our conviction and effort has been materialized by the best results achieved by students in the courses. 

On behalf of Department of Mechanical Engineering, I would like to express gratitude to the management committee, the faculty members, all the department, laboratory instructors, supporting staff, visiting faculty and the students for their co-operation. They have all helped us to achieve the best possible results.

Er. Manchan Tiwari

Department of Mechanical Engineering