Robotics is a science that integrates different fields of engineering: electronics, computer and mechanics and crafts a machine which in a way or other tries to resemble human character. Robotics is all about the passion, enthusiasm and knowledge that one has to apply transforming a pale looking metal structure into something with cognitive powers and the intermediate steps involved in doing so.

The Robotics club of Kathmandu Engineering College is a student-run club founded on 2005 AD by energetic and enthusiastic seniors solely out of passion for Robotics. Robotics Club has been the harbinger in bringing the knowledge and technology of Robotics in whole of KEC.

Our goal is to bring students together to promote the study and practice of robotics and inspire youth to pursue STEM fields through robotics related activities both on and off campus. We help nurture fresh and bright ideas by providing a platform for Kathmandu Engineering College Undergraduates (students) to pursue their interests in robotics. Our vision is to expose the students to the latest advancements in robotics technology by focusing knowledge sharing and hands-on experience through team spirit.

The Club has been involved in a continuous process of learning and exploring the possibilities in the engineering field most of which comes from the hands-on knowledge and experience in building robots. We have designed and built various robots, all which have represented Kathmandu Engineering College in various competitions. Since its establishment the club has been participating in various national and international competitions. Winning the Robocup organized by Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering for two consecutive years and also winning the Robotics Competition organized at BIT, Ranchi, India has accelerated our growth.

With sheer determination and hard work our club has been successful in winning the National Level Robotics Competition organized by Robotics Association of Nepal “Yantra 1.0”. Also, we were the winner of 10th National Technological Festival: LOCUS 2013 in Open Hardware Competition with the project “Smart Wheel Chair”. We are constantly increasing our Knowledge and Experience in robotics by participating in various competitions annually. We believe that the best way to teach is by inspiring and awaking curiosity so our Club conducts Exhibitions to show the projects done by our members. Following the exhibition we conduct various workshops that feature basic to advance training on different aspects of Robotics and embedded system. We also conduct annual Intra College Robotics Competition to encourage students to design and build robots which allow them to explore their interests in a much greater depth. We believe in a culture of inspiring and developing each and every student so that they will be able to tackle any practical problems in their respective field of engineering by providing them with necessary help and support.

Apart from projects, we aim to conduct research and produce papers of international level and standards in coordination with Research department of KEC. Currently we are focusing on Embedded Linux systems such as Raspberry Pi to take the level of Robotics to the Next Level. We have ongoing projects such as Virtual Telepresence Robot, Swarm Robots and Media Center.

So we at Robotics club would like to extend our warmest welcome to all the aspiring engineers. The door at Robotics will always be open to those who have the passion and the will to drive their ideas into reality.

Abhishek Maharjan
President, Robotics Club
Electronics, 4th Year, 2nd Part