IT Club

The IT Club is a team established in order to give individuals an opportunity to share and extend ideas, views and knowledge in the field of IT and the fast changing technology of today. The IT Club doesn’t limit itself to the group when it comes to sharing. It helps students in their projects and in the curriculum (database, various programming), among other things. The club also organizes various interaction classes within the group and among interested students.

KEC’s IT club has already provided a platform for many students who have already proven themselves by taking part in various IT quizzes and programming challenges. They have also conducted many successful projects such as Telemedicine—for Remote Health Monitoring, College Information System, Autonomous ROBOT and SMS Banking. The club is a group of friends of a rather special kind. It is a group of students and teachers, and its purpose is to gather people committed to technology. The club arranges resources for any type of software/hardware projects for enthusiastic students. It aims to develop a multifaceted appreciation towards technology and its role in the world stage so that its members may be more effectively successful in the dynamic business environment of this new century.