Helping Hands “An Effort to Lift People” (H-HELP) is a non-profit social organization of KEC, engaged in various social services in a proactive way with a broad approach. It was established in 2004 by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated engineering students involved not only in the academic field, but also in the field of social work with dynamism, vision and social responsibilities.

H-HELP is a platform to provide economic and social help to the needy and less privileged groups of our society. The members raise funds by conducting various programs throughout the year. This helps to create a high level of awareness amongst the members and act in accordance to achieve their objectives. From mere students they evolve into responsible visionaries with positive attitude.

Some of the activities conducted by H-HELP are:

  1. Warm welcome for new members

Every year we recruit new active member on our club. Our club recruits members from all faculty giving equal priorities to both girls and boys. We conduct welcome program in Yoga Hall for welcoming our new members as well as for interaction. If you are active and have dedication towards social service then you are heartily welcome to join our club. Join our club and feel like a family.

  1. Farewell program to Ex-members

Our club conducts farewell program to our club’s Ex-members. There will be small program in Yoga Hall where token of love as well as certificate of appreciation will be handed to our Ex-members.

  1. Annual Charity Show

Annual Charity Show is one of the biggest event of KEC where platform will be provided to all students as well as teachers. Dance, singing, acoustic and band performance etc are the main attraction of Charity Show. The main objective of charity show is to collect charity form tickets and donate to underprivileged students of different districts of Nepal. Most recently it was organized on 23rd June 2017. This time collected charity will be fully utilized on underprivileged students and terrified by earthquake of Kalidevi Adharbhut Bidhyalaya Lamidanda, Dolakha. We will be donating bags, stationary products and books to 210 students of that school.

  1. Blood Donation

H-HELP organizes blood donation campaign in association with the Red-Cross society with more than 200 participants semi-annually. We provide certificate as well as blood group card for every donors.

  1. Donation program on Dupcheswor Madhyamik Bidhyalaya

H-HELP successfully donated stationary products like copies, pencil set box, magic boards, wall charts to 102 students of Dupcheswor Madhyamik Bidhyala Nuwakot. This was possible through the fund raised from charity show organized on 17th June 2016.

  1. Donation to Access to Child Rights

Access to Child Rights is home for orphans where we successfully donated copies, pencil set box, magic boards, wall charts to 121 orphans on 4th March 2017.

  1. Donation to Shree Koshrang Adharbhut Bidhyalaya

Our club successfully donated copies, pencil set box, magic boards, wall charts to 127 students of Shree Koshrand Adharbut Bidhyalaya, Dhading on 17th May 2017 where all the children of that school was from Chepang family.


Sujan Shrestha

President, H-HELP