Since its establishment 27th of Mangsir, 2068 this club has been serving its members and other various interested students in the field of technology. Having more than 600 members this club aims to quench the thirst of its member and as well as provide a platform to realize their potential in the field of innovative designs and ideas. All the year around we organize various programs that help the students. Some of those programs are,

April: AVR Workshop

EPC conducted its annual AVR workshop in the premises of Kathmandu Engineering College aimed at the general members of the club. With the sole purpose of empowering hardware and programming knowledge for, senior club members conduct basic AVR training and simulation for the new members. This year was no different with the then president of the club, Manisha Ghimire, taking lead on the training process and training the majority of the upcoming executive body. Training sessions were held after college hours with special reference to competition related projects. The boot camp was very successful in instigating AVR based programming for the budding project enthusiasts. The interactive sessions helped in better understanding of the topic. Microcontroller skills of the participants were bolstered besides class lectures. This training would further help students in their minor projects in near future.

August: EPC Technical Quiz

Epc organized an intra-college technical quiz that had over a dozen of participating teams. This one day event was inaugurated by our college principal. In a knock out followed by final match, the top two teams from each pool squared off against each other in a neck to neck final. In the end team C3P0 from BCT069 secured the final podium position.

December: KEC Technical & Architectural Festival

All the major clubs of Kathmandu Engineering College cumulatively organized one of the biggest tech cum archi exhibit along with several competing platform. This even showcased the best projects from various engineering and it college in both hardware and software category. Amidst several competing platform EPC conducted technical quiz as well as organized and managed other activity during the three day event.

December: Third Annual EPC Magazine Launch

Successive to second edition of club’s annual magazine, the club’s third annual magazine was launched on 29thof December along with talk and alumni program. The annual magazine was then distributed to entire college and other engineering colleges for free. The event was attended by our college faculty, College Board members, reputed professors and military personnel. The theme of this year’s magazine was “product, placement and market” with a different relative theme every year. Any person who hasn’t got the hands on magazine can receive it upon a request for the magazine to the club executive members.

January: Basic Component Workshop

A basic component familiarization workshop was given to the first and second year students to help them understand the basic building blocks and created a portable usb cellphone charger.

February: BCD Counter Workshop

After the familiarization with the basic component, the next step was to provide student depth knowledge of advanced components. So, a BCD counter workshop was conducted which familiarized students to seven segment display, counter and controllers.

Beside organizing these events and workshop we also have participated in almost every nation robotic competition and won few of these such as robodrift 3.0, organized by robotics club and Yantra 3.0 organized by robotics association of Nepal, Locus by Pulchowk Engineering College, tech competition by Janakpur Engineering College and many more.

Shirshak Raja Maskey
President, EPC
69111/ E/X