ASSOCIATION OF KEC AKAR (Associationof Kec ARchitecture)

The oldest and independent body of KEC architecture students, AKAR is known for its active involvement and participation in various academic and non-academic programs. AKAR provides a platform to turn students’ creative ideas into reality through various programs like: workshops, talk programs, exhibitions, documentaries etc.

AKAR also plays crucial role in creating a harmonic relationship among the students through interactive programs. AKAR provides platform for its student to expose and to sharpen their creativity through exhibitions, workshops, and interactive programs.

AKAR celebrates Teachers’ day every year felicitating the mentors of all streams and organizing cultural performances.

List of events in 2017/2018

  1. Semester Project Display
  2. Donation to Rotaract to help the flood victims.
  3. Orientation to 1st year- Phase I and Phase II
  4. Learning Through Interaction- Session I to IV
  5. Meet the Architects- Session I & II
  6. Book Review Volume- I With an aim to incline the students more towards architectural books.
  7. PHY-EX GAMES- Futsal Edition
  8. Departmental Welcome and Farewell 2074
  9. Interaction program with students of engineering entrance preparation centers, PEA and St Xavier was Organized.
  10. Teachers’ Day 2075 and Official Handover of AKAR to Committee 2074-2075 under the presidency of Aayush Shrestha .
  11. National Archi Football Cup 


List of events in 2014/2015


Architectural and technical exhibition was organized by all the student association of KEC. It was organized in Mangsir 26, 27, 28.The theme of the exhibition was: “Serving The Community”. The objective of the event included: interaction between all the students of KEC and it also provided a platform for all the students to showcase their works.

The focus of the event included a prototype model of KATHMANDU METRO DESIGN. Full involvement of all the students from all the faculties was a driving force in the success of the exhibition. The exhibition also featured interactive events such as: face painting, interpretative acting, and drawing along with coffee and food stalls. Classic Tech was the official internet sponsor for the event.
It also involved interaction between the local people and it provided exposure in the social level.

Welcome and Farewell 2014

It was organized to welcome the new faces of 2071 batch and to farewell 2066 batch. The program was organized with full involvement of the student body and all the faculty members. President of AKAR chaired the event and Er. Shiva Prasad Koirala, principal of Kathmandu Engineering College was the chief guest of the event.

Head of Department of Architecture Ar. Shailita Manandhar Joshi along with the chief guest felicitated Ar. Prerana Tuladhar who achieved “Aishwarya Bidya Padak”. Similarly, the semester toppers were also felicitated with certificates and the pass outs were given token of love to commemorate all the years spent in the college. The event also included various performances by the students of all batches.

Teacher’s Day 2015

Teacher’s Day was celebrated by honoring the mentors for their valuable teachings. This event was also a platform for interaction between the teachers and students beyond the class rooms.

2nd ARCHI PHY EX Games

2nd archi phy ex was organized by the students from all batches of architecture faculty. The main objective of the event was the interaction between all the students of architecture. It mostly focused towards interaction among 1st year with the senior batches.

The event included a friendly football competition with the participation of total 100 students. The winners of the competition were batch 2069. The event also included a sketch competition.

57th NASA Convention, Chennai, MIDAS

57th NASA Convention was held in Marg Institute of Design and Architecture, Swarnabhoomi, Chennai. The convention was a four day event starting from 25th January to 28th January 2015 attended by batch 2069 of architecture faculty. The students actively participated in various on the spot formal and informal events. The students attended various workshops that enhanced their skills.

The students also participated in various seminars, talk shows and interactive programs. This convention was a once in a life time experience. The convention provided the students an international exposure to study their works and to implement it in our works.

Pallavi Shrestha
President AKAR, 4th year, 2nd part

Welcome / Farewell 2013

It was organize to welcome the new faces of 2070 batch and to farewell 2065 batch. The program was organized with full involvement of the student body and all the faculty members.

Learning through interactions:

LTI classes such as analytical thinking, photography and sketch up tutorial, Photoshop was held based on the needs of students’ body. LTI was intended to bridge the gap between the syllabus and the practical knowledge. AKAR also organized talk show by calling different experts who shared their knowledge regarding architecture and encouraged the students.
Through LTI

Teacher’s Day 2015

Teacher’s day was celebrated by honouring the mentors for their valuable teachings. This event was also a platform for interaction between the teachers and students beyond the classroom.

Charity Events and Felicitations:

Events such as “violence against women” with collaboration with Helping hands, Bingo charity events and futsal were held successfully.